Heirloom Boston Terriers

We are the premier breeder of the highest quality,
holistically and naturally reared Boston Terriers
in traditional colors with classic markings and small and  
small/medium-sized.  So far, the puppies in our litters
have grown to a range of 10 - 17 lbs
(two of the boys got to 17 - the rest are smaller).

We are now pleased to integrate Early Neurological Stimulation
and some of the Puppy Culture Methods in raising these
holistic and naturally reared (NR) puppies.

Our buyers tend to be discriminating, well-informed people
who understand and value naturally raised puppies and the
life-long benefits that this method of raising will give them.
They come to us looking for a better way to raise their best friends
and seek us out because we raise holistically and naturally.  
They "get it" and want only the best for their beloved pets.

Many have been touched by debilitation or loss of a beloved pet
due to a reaction to a vaccination.  Others have had the same
problems at a bit older age after repeated unnecessary
booster shots and pesticides to treat worms, fleas & ticks.
They have in common their desire to do things a different way
and protect their beloved pets from the ravages of toxic food,
over vaccination and pesticides.  We're here to provide
puppies who have been given the very best start in
life and raised holistically, naturally, and lovingly.

If you are unfamiliar with holistically and naturally raised puppies,
this site is intended to provide you the information you need to
understand and appreciate this approach to raising puppies
into healthier, happier dogs with strong immune systems.

When you've completed evaluating the information presented on our
site, we encourage you to branch out and do your own research into the
many topics presented.  We strongly feel that pet parents, not
veterinarians, should be the ones to make decisions concerning their
special pets.

It is our strong recommendation that anyone adopt these principals in
raising their best friends as they are beneficial for all pets. But
particularly for someone who adopts one of our precious puppies,
it is part of our terms of sale and a contractual requirement.

Benefits of Investing in a Naturally Reared Puppy
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Heirloom Boston Terriers
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