Modern veterinary medicine over medicates, over vaccinates and over-prescribes
antiparasitics, which are loaded with pesticides - PESTICIDES!  They give you toxins
and chemicals for your beloved pet in amounts more than they need to be "healthy".  
This damages their immune systems, leading to illness and disease.  Even one vaccine
changes the DNA and RNA of your pet and that means they don't function they way
they were intended.  It can be immediate allergic reactions or something down the road
caused by just initial injections or repeated annual boosters.

Some, like myself, would argue that there is NO need for vaccinations at all.  Building
a strong immune system is the key to a healthy pet.  Please read "Avoid Vaccinosis"
for more information.

Have you ever lost a beloved pet long before their time and not known why?   
Whether they just had a vaccine within the previous weeks OR have had ongoing
annual boosters year after year, their immune systems have been
wiped out from over-vaccination and being fed toxic chemicals to combat worms, fleas,
ticks, etc. when there are natural, holistic treatments available.  

This makes them susceptible to unexpected illnesses, which most vets* will tell you came
out of the blue (and be more than willing to treat at great expense to you) and will deny
that it is related to their vaccines and chemical agents they freely prescribe for your
pet.   Vaccines, wormers and flea & tick treatment provide a large part of their income
stream and the illnesses they cause provide even more.

As mentioned above, there is a problem with treating worms, fleas & ticks and
other issues with commercial products which all contain pesticides.  Man's best friend -
and more importantly the pet you love - deserves better.  Please read "Natural
Wormers" and "Natural Flea/Tick" under the Holistic Approach button for more

I keep the puppies until they are at least 16 weeks old before sending them off to their
forever homes.  During that time they are building and reinforcing their immune
systems with their balanced organic raw food diet, to which they are weaned.
They are exposed to a minimum of seven proteins and a variety of fruit and vegetables.
My puppies are totally natural and have NO vaccines.
(please review the section on Vaccinosis and Vaccines.)  

There is another benefit to keeping the puppies longer.  Studies have shown that litters
that spend more time together and with their parents are better adjusted, less anxious
and hyper, and an overall better pet.

Absence of a reading from a titer does NOT mean your dog does not have immunity - it
only means they have not been challenged or exposed to that particular disorder within
the past few weeks.  They still have antibodies that awaken when challenged and that is
when a titer can detect them.  

All my adults and puppies are raw fed with organic, grass-fed and grass-finished
pastured ground beef and organic, pastured chicken
, turkey, tripe, wild caught short-
lived fish like lake herring, sardines, mackerel and smelt
.   Puppies nurse exclusively
6-8 weeks and then begin weaning directly to the raw diet.  They love it.  During the
transition, they nurse a couple times a day for about 2 weeks as well.  This all helps to
build a strong immune system in the puppies to give them the healthiest,
longest lives that they can possibly have.

They are holistically and naturally wormed and treated for fleas and ticks.  

We hope to be able to educate potential buyers and others with what we have learned in
the hopes that they will see the wisdom in this approach and choose to carry on these
practices with our precious puppies.  We strongly encourage it - in fact, our Contract
requires it for our puppies.

We raise only AKC puppies and parents are JHC clear.  Our parent Bostons are double
negative on the JHC genetic test, meaning they can only produce JHC clear puppies.  
These puppies are a good value and you just may find yourself saving more on future
vet bills than with your past pets - enough to more than offset the difference in the cost
of a holistically,  naturally reared puppy.  

Many breeders are in a hurry to get puppies out to their new homes by the age of 8
weeks.  Mine are just in the process of weaning at that age, which gives them more of
mother's antibodies.  They have started their organic raw food, which also works to
build a stronger immune system.

Most breeders spend 4 of 8 weeks supporting the puppies (mother does the first four
weeks).  I spend 12 of the 16 weeks supporting (feeding, caring for, cleaning, cleaning,
cleaning, teaching manners, beginning potty and crate training, and playing with them
and loving on them).  It is a labor of love for me, but it is a lot of work as well
and means that I provide 3 times the support & care of most breeders.

Research has shown that puppies who stay with litter mates for a longer period of time
are more well adjusted and less anxious than those who are separated at earlier ages.

The puppies are raised with the best food, best holistic practices, and most love you will
find anywhere!  All of this results in puppies with strong immune systems that will lead
the healthiest and longest lives they possibly can.  This will be amplified when their new
owners continue the established protocols when they take the puppies home.

We do all that we can to give these puppies the best start in life and
are strongly
ommitted to placing them with families that will understand the importance
and value of this way of raising them and agree to continue these practices
once they have the puppy home, so that these puppies have the absolute
optimal chance at a happier, healthier, longer life.

We want to hear from our puppy families and receive updates on milestones and how
the puppies are doing.  Pictures and videos are great to receive!!

We encourage all pet owners to do their own research and investigation into these
methods using the links we provide and beyond what we have presented on our
website.  We are convinced you will see the wisdom in this approach.

Why Invest In a Naturally Reared Puppy?

* All holistic, homeopathic or naturopathic veterinarians are traditionally trained but
soon believe there is a better way than they are taught in vet training.   They quickly
turn toward training in natural, homeopathic treatments.  That is the vet you want to
find!.  More and more traditionally trained vets are waking up to the dangers of
traditional practice.
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