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Proverbs 3:5-6
Heirloom Boston Terriers

What is Natural Rearing?

Natural Rearing is just promoting and using the old, natural ways, which includes feeding
an organic raw diet, supporting natural immunity and using safe/natural alternatives to chemicals,
in order to give each dog the opportunity to live a long life of wellness and well being.

Holistic or Natural Rearing essentially means doing everything for your dogs as closely to Nature as possible.


Boston Terriers are carnivores, and like their wild cousins, should be fed a species appropriate, balanced
organic raw diet using fresh raw meat and bones in proper proportions. With a raw diet as the basis for our
dog's meals, we ensure they have fresh, filtered water, lots and lots of love, fresh air, exercise and sunshine.   
This diet is the cornerstone in building a strong immune system.


True Natural Rearing also involves not using any vaccines, but rather relying on the dogs' own natural
immune responses and healing ability to get it through a disease cycle, along with the possible use of holistic
(natural) medicinal help, be that herbs, homeopathy, colloidal silver use, acupuncture, chiropractic
or any other holistic modality when needed.

We do not vaccinate our dogs but if needed recommend the use of titers to check immunity and natural
remedies. Time and Science have shown that dogs that have had no vaccinations at all
are healthier than those who have had their annual bundled vaccinations.

Purdue University conducted a five year study have found that dogs who have had NO vaccinations are in
much better health than the dog that has had it's usual annual vaccinations. There is nothing in the science that
indicates that dogs need their annual bundled vaccinations in fact, quite the opposite, science is proving they
are more healthy when not getting vaccinations on a regular basis.

Please Consider These Things When Making Decisions About Vaccinating Your Dog:

Vaccines DO NOT prevent disease. A healthy immune system prevents disease.  
Holistic and Natural Rearing provides the strongest, healthiest immune system for your beloved pets.

Vaccines cause death, acute and chronic disease in both healthy and susceptible individuals/dogs
and can cause the very diseases they are supposed to prevent.

Vaccines cause changes in a dog’s DNA and RNA, and these changes are permanent.   The Negative
Impact Can Be Passed On To The Next Generations.   
Vaccines damage the immune system as well.

The distemper virus is no longer found in its "Wild Form."
Cases of distemper today are vaccine strains of the disease, meaning
caused by the vaccines.

The rabies vaccine produces the most adverse effects in dogs, with the most common reaction
being changes in behavior/temperament.   Boston Terriers are particularly susceptible to strong negative
reactions and even death from the Rabies Vaccine.

No Chemicals

Our dogs live in our "Healthy Home" as our family members. We use no synthetic chemical cleaners
of any kind in our house or around the yard. We never expose our dogs to chemical flea preventives,
heartworm pills, chemical shampoos etc.  

Emotional Well Being

When we have puppies, the pups are weaned naturally by their mother and socialized by the adults and to
household events. Studies show that puppies that are taken from their mother and litter mates before 12
weeks often have not learned important life skills or how to be submissive or cautious. Puppies require this
time with their litter mates to learn the skills of getting along with strangers, both human and animal.   
When weaning, the puppies are weaned directly to organic raw food.

We pay close attention to see that our dogs and puppies are happy, well adjusted and
sound physically, mentally, emotionally. We focus on correct movement and temperament
both of which are noted health indicators.

Our Bostons thrive from Natural Rearing. Many times, people comment on the looks and vitality of our
dogs.   Those who have one of our puppies from previous litters report back on how healthy
and loving they are and how they “just fit right in to our family”.  The new owners get
frequent compliments on their looks, shiny coats, and friendly temperaments.  
They send pictures and progress reports, which we appreciate so much.

We are not saying that Natural Rearing is a cure for anything or everything.
However, we do feel is that it is an optimal method of feeding and rearing.
Nutrients are more bioavailable, high in micro nutrients, and generally easily absorbed
by the puppy/dog.  This raises and maintains the dogs overall general health
which in turn means the dog's immune system will work at an optimal level as well.

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