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Testimonials from our Puppy Families
Tulip (formerly Darlin') Phelps
We could not be happier with our sweet pup, Tulip!
She is healthy and BEAUTIFUL - petite with a
glossy coat and became a family member.

I got my first Boston Terrier 16 years ago and she
had severe reactions to vaccinations and some
foods, so I spent a lot of time learning about
healthier, more natural ways to care for your dog.
Seeing that Heirloom starts their puppies off that
way from the beginning was a huge plus! I’ve also
loved that Karen has been very responsive and
helpful with any questions I’ve had. She truly loves
these dogs and wants to find good homes for them!

Tulip was from our first litter and was
then known as Darlin

In November, 2019, the family moved to
Colorado.  Stephy sent me pictures of the coat she
got for Tulip's trip to winter weather.  Precious!
Meet Norm, the newest member of the Williams
family:  Great
markings and a healthy, glossy coat.

Norm is muscular, athletic, playful, and spunky. He
also has a quirky sense of humor! With two family
members having high allergies to dander, we have
been very pleasantly surprised to have had no
reactions or sensitivities to Norm’s presence. Very
happy that we took the plunge!

Norm kept his original name and is a very happy
7th member of the Williams Family.
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