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Heirloom Boston Terriers
Raising and Pricing the Puppies
At Heirloom Boston Terriers, we focus on raising puppies with a great temperament,
an incredibly strong immune system, exceptional health, intelligence,
and  appearance.

The puppies come from holistic and naturally reared parents which gives them a leg up from
birth.  Before their eyes open, I am providing them with Early Neurological Stimulation.  It is
the same set of exercises used by the US Military in their Canine Program.  They are also
recommended by the Puppy Culture Method of raising
as well.  I use many of their techniques.

My puppies are well socialized and handled daily from the time they are born.  
They are loved on, talked to, fussed over and greatly loved.   

They nurse longer than most puppies to provide as much of mother's goodness and immunity
to them as possible.  Weaning begins at 6 or 7 weeks on their cue.  They are weaned directly
to the same organic raw food the older Bostons eat, except the babies have minimal bone and no
offal (organ meat) in their mince for the first few weeks.  This is mixed with raw goat milk for
the first week or so.  Once they are a little older, bone and offal are introduced to their diet.  They
regularly are given raw goat milk kefir once they are fully weaned and on their organic raw diet.

I keep my puppies until they are at least 16 weeks old so their immune systems are strong when
they leave here.  This will be built upon as their new owners continue to raise them holistically
and Naturally Reared.    My strong recommendation is NO vaccines and it is a required
agreement in the Purchase Contract.  

I only make exceptions to letting them leave before 16 weeks for experienced NR
Breeders/Owners.  Keeping puppies this long produces less anxious, more well-adjusted dogs
overall.  They also have more time to build up their immune systems.  

I am a small in-home breeder who is passionate about these puppies.  I feel a responsibility
to them to provide the absolute best care I possibly can and to do my very best to ensure that is
carried on throughout their lives.  I do not produce very many of these truly special puppies,
and therefore, I am confident that there are enough families looking for puppies that have been
raised with strong immune systems and natural, holistic methods that I can be as selective as I
need to be in placing them in homes that will honor the commitment I ask them to make in the
contract.   I reserve the right not to sell to anyone for any reason at any point in the application
process right up until the time of the puppy's pick-up.  

The non-refundable deposit ranges from $750 - $1,250, depending on the price of the puppy.  
The required deposit will be posted along with the price of the puppy.

These puppies have been naturally and holistically raised to give them the strongest immune
system possible so that they can live the healthiest,  longest lives they possibly can.

I will only review applications from interested buyers who have reviewed the information on
this website and will agree to continue using these practices in the best interest of the
puppies and to minimize the chance of vaccine induced illnesses.

Please read all information provided on Vaccinosis and Vaccines to get an understanding of
why I raise this way and select only buyers who agree to continue with it.  

I am not trying to be bossy or controlling here.  I am trying to be honest about my terms of sale.  
I care about these puppies and want only the best for them.  The people who "get it" are the ones
who will provide the care and commitment we are looking for, and will be the ones selected for
our puppies.  I will not be drawn into any argument with someone who wants one of my puppies
but does not want to continue raising them the way they are meant to be, nor will I be persuaded
to approve someone who will not agree to those terms.  

I feel a strong responsibility to the puppies I bring into this world
and am committed to honoring the trust they place in me
to make good choices for them.  

I believe raising this way is in the best interest of the puppies and will only place them
in homes where the people understand and value this approach and
will agree to continue using it when they get the puppy home.  

I have no interest in offending anyone, but those who do not like this requirement, don't want to
be bothered,  or do not want to agree to raise the puppy in this way will not be a good fit for one
of my puppies.  They will have no problem finding breeders who will sell you puppies at 8 weeks,
don't care what you feed them, (most have already been feeding them kibble),  how you handle
parasite treatment, and encourage vaccines (they will come to you already loaded with vaccines,
wormers, kibble, etc), and consequently, an already damaged immune system.

Commercial wormers, including heartworm, and flea and tick treatments contain pesticides and
other ingredients that can harm your puppy.  They can change the puppy's very DNA and RNA.  
Please read that section on the website, research for yourself, to understand why Natural
Rearing is the most intelligent and informed decision.

The puppies I raise have been weaned to organic grass fed, grass finished pastured beef, organic
pastured chickens, organic carrots, organic spinach, organic canned pumpkin, ground raw
organic pumpkin seeds, organic, cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil, wild caught sardines,
Atlantic Mackerel, and herring.    Some of these foods also naturally repel and expel worms as
you will find in the information provided to you on this site.  

Whether you invest in one of my puppies or not, the information is valuable and can benefit all
puppies and dogs.   There are also herbs and essential oils which can be used, but I have found
the three foods I mentioned to be the best at repelling parasites.  The other methods could be
used in treatment, should it be necessary.

We specialize in smaller to small/medium sized, traditional Boston Terriers. Oreo is 13 lb - black
and white.  Tex is 15lb black brindle and white.  Baylee weighs in at 11 lbs and black & white,
and her stud (she is related to both of my males) is 10 lbs black, brindle & white.  We do not do
the fad colors but stay true to the way Bostons were supposed to be.  Our Bostons have classic

Due to the strong immune systems of puppies raised the way these have been, it has been shown
that they could cost much less in veterinary bills over the course of their lifetimes, thus providing
a return on the investment you make now. Truly NR dogs may never see the inside of a
veterinary clinic unless there is some sort of trauma or accident requiring a higher level of care.  
Following NR protocols will allow you to manage most things at home.

A well bred Boston Terrier is not cheap - and it's true!  You get what you pay for.  
But they are definitely a good value and will save you money in the long run.
My pupies are priced depending on their characteristics, markings, etc. with
AKC limited
.   They are a great value over the course of their lives, given their strong immune
systems they have been raised with and considering the veterinary bills saved.

To give you a starting point, boys start at $ 2,000 and go up.  Girls start at $ 2,500 and go up.
Show quality boys start at $3000 and go up.  Show quality girls start at $3,500 and go up
includes full registration
.    Mis-marked puppies, as determined by me, the breeder, are $ 1775
for boys and $2200 for girls.  To date I have not produced any mis-marks.  
Prices on any
particular pup, unless already reserved,  can change as they are continually re-evaluated.

Benefits of Investing in a Naturally Reared Puppy

My Position on Full Rights

My puppies are priced and sold with AKC limited registration available.  
Although I am more inclined not to, I may consider full rights to
completely vetted
small in-home breeders - no production breeders, puppy mills or backyard breeders  - they
are absolutely to be beloved pets first, loved and respected members of the family,
breeding dogs second.  As with pet home placement, if buyer/breeder decides he/she no longer
desires or is able to keep this puppy/dog, buyer/breeder must agree to return the puppy/dog
to me, the original Breeder at his/her expense and with no refund or other compensation.  
This puppy/dog may not be sold, re-homed (other than to original breeder), or put in
a shelter.  In the Purchase Contract, breeder/buyer agrees to pay $5,000.00 in liquidated
damages for each breach of this term of sale.

Buyer/breeder must also contract to continue Natural Rearing for the breeding dogs (the dog
being purchased
as well as any other dog this dog will be bred to; additionally,  the
buyer/breeder agrees that all puppies produced by the Heirloom Boston Terriers puppy/dog
and the holistic, naturally reared mate will be placed only in pet homes
that will continue holistic and naturally rearing.

The Purchase Contract will include an agreement to pay $5,000.00 liquidated damages for each
breach of contract (including per breeding, per puppy produced)

Breeding rights are an additional $750.

I will not grant breeding rights on any mis-marked puppies.

The above terms are intended to protect the reputation and lines I have worked hard to build,
including beautiful, healthy puppies and dogs with strong immune systems.  If an Heirloom
Boston Terriers produced puppy appears on the Pedigree, it must meet these standards.

Buyers of one of my holistic and naturally raised puppies must contractually agree to
continue raising with these practices to have their applications approved.  

In the best interest of the puppies I raise, this issue is non-negotiable.     

If you are interested in one (or two) of our puppies,  please submit an application.


You will be notified if your application is approved by email.  If you are accepted, along with
your notification of acceptance, I will attach a copy of the Purchase Contract.    
Once notified of your acceptance, your non-refundable DEPOSIT is due via Walmart2Walmart
within 24 hours, and an unchanged, signed and initialed notarized contract is due via email
within 24 hours or your spot will not be held.  

The original copy of the emailed contract is to be mailed immediately and must be in
our hands within 7 days of notification of acceptance of your application.

Our recommendation is no vaccines at all,  and we encourage you to discuss a
Rabies Vaccine Waiver with your holistic or homeopathic vet.  
Bostons are known to be extremely sensitive to adverse reactions from the rabies vaccine.  
They can cause life-long issues and disabilities.

We do not hold puppies until the non-refundable deposit is received.   
Expressed interest or submitted application are not enough.  
It is possible that more than one individual may be approved for a single specific puppy.  
Whichever approved applicant's deposit and contract are received first gets the puppy in
question.  Any other approved applicants may transfer to a different puppy.

I accept two forms of payment only.  

These are cash and Walmart2Walmart.

No paypal, checks of any kind, money orders, etc.  Only the two mentioned above.  If you opt for
Walmart2Walmart, MAKE SURE you stress to the Customer Service Rep you are dealing with
that you want Walmart2Walmart and not a Money order - they sell both.  I will not take a money
order and they cost you 3-4 times as much as Walmart2Walmart.  You will get a code number
upon completion of your transaction.  You must send that code number to me immediately.  I
will need that to pick up the funds.  
No puppy is reserved and the puppy is still available to other
until I have the funds and properly executed contract.

If you change your mind there will be NO REFUND of the deposit you paid.  As stated
throughout the information presented, it is a non-refundable deposit, paid to reserve the puppy.

Pickup date will be set in the contract.  Failure to pick up puppy as agreed upon
in the contract will result in forfeiture of both your non-refundable deposit and the puppy,
which will then be offered to other buyers.

The balance of the fee for the puppy is due in cash before pickup.

In the best interest of my puppies, I will not ship.

We can't wait to meet all our new family members in person!  We do not ship our puppies or
release them to 3rd parties such as a Puppy Nanny because we want to meet the people who the
puppies will be living their lives with.  It gives us the opportunity to observe the interactions
between everyone, puppy and new owners included, and make sure they are a good fit!  

It also gives buyers the opportunity to see the parents and any remaining litter mates
if they would like.