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Tex is our sire.   He has a great temperament and is smart
as a whip.  JHC double negative, he is loving with people
and animals, gentle with his puppies, and
loves to just be with us.   Turn him out into the fenced in
dog run and he loves to run and run and run some more.   
15 lbs at his last weigh-in, he is all muscle and a fun

The picture on the left was taken September 7, 2019 and
shows his beautiful black and brindle marbeling.
Charlie is an AKC future sire for our program when I find the right mate for
him.  I have no doubt he will throw some beautiful puppies.  JHC double negative
through parents, he is spunky, loving and wants to please.  He is a great dog.
Oreo is our Dam.  Gentle, laid-back and loving, she has a wonderful temperament
and is an attentive mother.   JHC double negative, her favorite thing to do when
not caring for her puppies, is to sit with one of us and snuggle while chewing a
toy.  She is 13 lbs of love.
Heirloom Boston Terriers
Sweet Baylee is our 2nd generation Dam who will be
bred on her next heat
.  Sweet, laid back yet spunky at the
same time, she will be a great mother and is already
a fun little girl.    Born from two JHC double negative parents, she can only
inherit and pass on double negative genes herself.   She
will be a small girl -
smaller than her mother and will produce some beautiful puppies.  
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