Think long and hard before allowing your vet or anyone else to give your puppy or older dog a
single vaccination.  The reaction can be immediate (like an allergic reaction) or years later as the
dog is subjected to "annual boosters" that they do not need.   All vaccines compromise the
immune system.  The first section in this discussion will be references to articles explaining and
defining Vaccinosis.  

The second section will contain references to the specific topic of Vaccines

There are many many more articles on Vaccinosis (see more links below) and I encourage you
to do your own research to assist you in learning what Vaccinosis is, and what your own
ultimate opinion of it is.  If you believe, as I do, that over vaccination is the root cause of
many unnecessary illnesses in our pets, you will need to educate yourself on the issue of
vaccines and holistic care for your beloved pet.  

Again, I encourage you to do your own research to reach your own conclusions.  
Don't let anyone - including your vet - tell you what to believe.  Expect pushback from your vet -
they have a conflict of interest in this regard.  Routine, unnecessary vaccines make up a huge
portion of their revenue stream. Depending on the vet, you may be fired as a client.   

My ex-vet threatened me that if my stud ever needed to stay with them, they would give him
the vaccines they had not administered to him - even if I had proof of  giving shots myself.
is malpractice, by the way, and if done, would surely damage my stud).    The story on this is
somewhat humorous but infuriating at the same time.  I had told her that I intended to take
control of his vaccinations and administer them myself.  That's when she made the absurd threat
mentioned above.  Even more infuriating is the reason she gave.   She said when you buy
vaccines online or even from the feed and grain store she, as a vet, can not be sure they were
properly handled and stored.   She can only feel comfortable with their safe handling if they
administer them to the puppies herself.

I went to the feed and grain to purchase the limited vaccine he needed and it just so happened
that UPS was there delivering vaccines to them.  I was allowed in back and shown the
refrigerated area where the vaccines were transported, watched as the driver carried them
into the store where the clerk immediately inventoried them and placed them in their cooler.  
ALL proper handling and storage practices.  But the kicker in all this was,
the next
package on the UPS truck was addressed to the self-same vet that smugly
informed me that only vaccines from their practice could be trusted for safe handling.

She will also only give a 1-year certificate for rabies vaccines which is the same dosage as
the 3-year, allowed by Texas law.  I believe it is malpractice to inject that poison into
pets, just to collect a fee.  And she gets away with it because her tags are only good for a year!


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Dr Will Falconer DVM is a Certified Veterinary Homeopath based in Austin, Texas.
After seven years in conventional practice, he felt a calling from within that made
him move on. He has a global practice treating all species with the most holistic
medicine ever. Certified in acupuncture. His latest thoughts and useful information
can be found on his blog at

The evidence is strong that immunity persists for years or for life from vaccines
given early in life, and the risk of chronic illness is significantly increased with
vaccine repetition.  Best of all, according to Dr. Falconer, would be no vaccines at

I do not intend that you rely solely on this information to form
your conclusions.  I encourage you to do your own research into this
as much information (both good and bad) is available online.
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