Daddy:  "Bubba's Blessing
Texas Lone Star"
We call him "Tex"
Mama: "Lil Oreo Elliott"
We call her "Oreo"
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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Puppies from our first litter have all found perfect forever homes.  
We reserve the right not to sell to anyone for any reason at any time during the
process if it becomes evident to us that the prospective buyer and the puppy are not a
good fit for each other or the prospective buyer is not a good fit for any of our
puppies and the way they are to be raised.
Heirloom Boston Terriers
Happy Birthday!  6/4/19
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Deposit Paid

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Information on
how I  raise,
and place
my puppies

Are you the right person or family for one of these precious puppies?  
We are looking for those who will care enough about them to continue
raising them the way they have been raised so far and have thrived on.

It's the best way to protect your investment.  

In return you will be loved and adored, blessed with a Boston Terrier with
an incredibly strong immune system to allow him or her to live the
healthiest longest life possible.  A loyal and forever friend who will love you
unconditionally with his or her whole heart.
Sweet Baylee is
giving her little sister
Bryndie a kiss
Why Invest in a
Naturally Reared
Are you ready to invest in a Naturally Reared puppy now and save more
A well-bred Boston Terrier is not cheap - but it is a good value!  

You could easily save more money in vet costs over the life of
your Boston than the price you pay up front.

Read the Contract # 9. for information on our 1-year warranty.

Once you've had a Naturally Reared Boston Terrier, nothing else will do.