Sweet Boy
Precious Sweet Boy (now
Ziggy) has found his forever home
with Lori Briggs and Kurt
Miner in Leonard, Michigan
We are happy for the 3 of them.
Norm has found a fantastic homr
with the Williams family in
Canton, Michigan.
Bluebonnet Brindle Girl
with Mary & Paul McArdle in
Darlin'  (now Tulip Rose) has
found a wonderful forever home with
Stephanie Phelps and her family in
Dallas. We are so happy for them all!
instead of none, they will
only need one  vaccination
prior to leaving me.  My
strong recommendation is
NO vaccines.  The
non-refundable deposit is
$500 - $750, depending on
the puppy.  

Please read all the
information provided on
Vaccinosis and Vaccines to
get an understanding of why
I prefer this.

These puppies have been
naturally and holistically
raised to give them the
strongest immune system
possible so that they can live
the healthiest, longest
lives they can.

I strongly urge interested
buyers to strongly consider
continuing these practices in
the best interest of the
puppies and to minimize
the chance of vaccine
induced illnesses.

Commercial wormers and
flea and tick treatments
contain pesticides and
other ingredients that
can harm your puppy.
Please read that section
on the website, research
for yourself, and make
an intelligent, informed

These puppies have been
raised on organic grass fed,
grass finished pastured beef,
organic pastured chickens,
organic carrots, organic
spinach, organic canned
pumpkin, ground raw
pumpkin seeds, organic,
cold-pressed unrefined
coconut oil, wild caught
sardines and herring.  
of these foods also repel and
expel worms as you will find
in the information provided
to you on this site.  

Please do your own research
to satisfy your own mind as
to the efficacy of these

We specialize in smaller
sized, traditional Boston
Terriers. Mom is 13 lb -
black and white . Dad is 15lb
black brindle and white.

Due to the strong immune
systems of puppies raised the
way these have been, it has
been shown that they could
cost much less in veterinary
bills over the course of their
lifetimes, thus providing a
return on the investment you
make now.  Prices quoted are
for AKC limited

My puppies start at $1500
and go up to $3,000,
depending on their
characteristics, markings,

Your total overall savings is likely to be increased if you continue raising them in a way that will support their natural immune systems.

If you are interested in one of these puppies,  please complete an application and return by email to heirloombostonterriers@yahoo.com. or fax to
You will be notified if your application is approved.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PLACE A PUPPY IN ANY HOME FOR ANY
GUARANTEES YOU WILL GET A PUPPY.   Once notified of your acceptance, your non-refundable DEPOSIT of $500 - $750, depending on the
price of the puppy. is due within 48 hours or the puppy will be available to other buyers.  A signed, notarized contract is due 1 week prior to pickup.  
The balance of the fee for the puppy is due in cash before pickup.

All puppies must be picked up
by the buyer - no 3rd parties.  I will not ship.

 Future Litters

I am starting a waiting list for future litters for those interested in a holistically, naturally raised Boston Terrier, who
are not quite ready for a puppy right now.  If you are interested in being on the waiting list (those on the list will have
first choice of available puppies before they are advertised) please go to Applications and Contracts and complete the
sure.  Either way, those on the list will have first choice of the remaining puppies after I have selected my keeper(s).  
Daddy:  "Bubba's Blessing
Texas Lone Star"
Mama: "Lil Oreo Elliott"
We call her "Oreo"
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Charlie has foud his forever
home with us as part of
our future breeding program.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6
in-home breeder and would very soon run out of space.  Our first puppy has
already left and to my excitement, is thriving in her new home.  Best of all, she is
settled in to their new homes and love their families.