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Natural Wormers

Heartworm Prevention in Natural Rearing
by Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Natural Flea & Tick Treatments

Holistic Treatment of Skin Problems

Practical Applications of Natural Therapies

Healthy Breeding with Herbs and Homeopathy

Natural Therapies for the 21st Century Breeders

Why Invest in a Naturally Reared Puppy
Heirloom Boston Terriers
Never give anything (food,
medications) to your dog or puppy
that contains the artificial sweetener
Xylitol.  It is toxic and deadly to them!
Natural Therapies
Dietary Supplements for Ticks

Some holistic practitioners say that
adding bitter herbs to a dog’s diet can
actually make him less attractive to ticks.
Herbal antiseptics include garlic, rue,
sage, thyme, eucalyptus, and wormwood.
I started using these products to clean, and they are
self-purifying cloths and water!  And you get a
better clean than with any commercial products.  
99% bacteria free.  Who doesn't want that?

If you have puppies, babies, elderly, or people who
have compromised immune systems in your home,
you NEED these products.  They do not contain
the endocrine disrupters found in other cleaning
agents, including floor cleaners, sprays, laundry
detergent - and the most toxic of all:  Fabric
Softeners & Dryer Sheets!

I know how busy all of you are, and how important
creating a safe home for you, your family, and
your fur babies is to you. Norwex saves me so
much time and money and, better yet, reduces
toxic chemicals in my home.  These products are
also bio-degradable and earth-friendly and would
be a great addition to any home.  They create
PERFECT chemical-free environment for holistic
and natural rearing or anyone who wants a really
clean, chemical-free home.

I am impressed by my results - you have see it for
yourself!  There is no obligation at all - just view
the recording from your home and see how
incredible these products are.

Email heirloombostonterriers@yahoo.com with
your facebook and email info or send a pm to
Bubba Dubya on facebook and I will respond asap.
The holistic approach strives to be pure,
clean, organic and chemical - free in
EVERY way!
Holistic and Natural Rearing means that we keep our
puppies/dogs chemical free - not only refusing to give
them toxic vaccines, commercial wormers and flea/tick
treatments, but in the very environment of our homes.   
Lawn areas should be free of pesticides, herbicides and
all poisons and toxic chemical products.  Pest services
that use essential oils - not pesticides, poisons, etc. should
be used.  All cleaning supplies should be chosen to avoid
detergents, sprays, polishes, etc.(even the supposed
earth-friendly and "safe" products are not safe)  Anything
used must be chemical free (dogs puppies lick the floor,
their crates, etc. and absorb whatever is on your floor
through their paw pads.  A good friend of mine lost her
dog at an early age due to liver failure.  Her vet told her
that the toxic floor cleaner she was using was  directly
responsible.  The young dog had this poison in her system
both from licking - her food and water bowls were on the
floor - and absorbing through her paw pads into her body
and also then licking her paws)   You have an opportunity
to do better -  do away with the cleaners, detergents,
sprays, etc. entirely!My favorite products can be found
What is Norwex Microfiber?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or for
information on how to get discounts and free products.
Buy them here:     Remove 99% Surface
Bacteria with a Microfiber Cloth and Water
We have pet products,
too.  Wash Mitt, Towel
(dries fast and really
well) and Lint Mitt for
removing pet hair from